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Our Team
  • My favourite Spots

    Cannes: Cave Riviera

    Barcelona: Sensi Tapas

  • Helen Gavine

  • Helen is the one you want on your team. If you need pretty much anything doing, she’s your person.

  • My favourite Spots

    Cannes: La Pizzaiola

    Barcelona: Arts Rooftop

  • Tessa Erasmus

  • Tess is in charge of finding exactly what you need for your show. She listens to what you want and comes up with the best solutions for you.

  • My favourite Spots

    Cannes: Café Brun

    Barcelona: Boca Grande

  • Sam Harris

  • Sam is the one who keeps us all in check. She handles all the accounts and is the most organised person we know!

  • My favourite Spots

    Cannes: Bobo Bistro

    Barcelona: Tapas 24

  • Molly Kearney

  • Molly works with Tess to make sure you’re in the right accommodation. She is also in charge of keeping the office organised and ensuring we don’t kill the office tomato plants.

  • My favourite Spots

    Cannes: Bistrot les Canailles

    Barcelona: Mercado de La Boqueria

  • Abi Harris

  • Abi knows all of our apartments inside out, so whether it’s for a show or a holiday, she can pluck the best one straight out for you.

  • My favourite Spots

    Cannes: Morrisons

    Barcelona: Foxy Bar

  • Rory Lightfoot

  • Rory is the man in our lives. When he isn’t studying for his Masters, he is in the office helping us out!

  • My favourite Spots

    Cannes: Bar Lalu

    Barcelona: El Xampanyet

  • Nicola Pearce

  • Nicola helps the girls to find our clients the best apartments in town, and won’t stop until you have exactly what you want.

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