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Sip in Style: The Best Coffee Spots in Cannes by ZZZ

Wednesday, 8 November 2023

In celebration of National Cappuccino Day, we’re sharing our insider knowledge on where to get the best
coffee in Cannes. So, whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or simply seeking a caffeine fix, here are some must-visit spots:

  1. Casa di Nonna
    ● Warm and welcoming local on rue Hoche
    ● Make sure you tell Ivan we say hello!
    ● Recommendation: Try their signature brew; it’s a local favourite!
  2. Itinéraire Café
    ● Coffee: Exceptional choices for the coffee enthusiast in you
    ● If you’re feeling more in the mood for a cup of tea there is an extensive tea selection too
  3. Columbus Cafe & Co
    ● Perfect for: On-the-go coffee lovers
    ● Must-Try: Pair your coffee with an English egg muffin for those of you feeling a bit fragile in the
  4. Starbucks
    ● Ideal for those missing their familiar Starbucks fix.
    ● You can find it at 1 rue Jean Jaures
    ● What’s your Starbucks name?
  5. Armani Café
    ● A great spot for a meeting on the Croisette, although the people watching might be a bit
    distracting! You never know who you’ll see walk past!
  6. La Californie
    ● Great for soaking up the action around the Palais. Perfect spot to meet up for a meeting
    ● Note: A bit more upscale, so use this as a venue for clients you want to impress!
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